A flexible framework is required from an ERP software when it comes to deploying it across Multiple locations. A typical setup may have a Head Office, Multiple branches, Warehouses & Factory location & Sales depots. The usage at various location differs completely depending on the type of location & functionalities to be implemented. Like the Sales depot may want to enter only Sales Orders & Cheque received & may need to see the status of their orders & outstanding dues. The different tax policy in different states adds to the complexities of implementation.

LogicaMatrix is credited with the deployment of Tally across hundreds of such Multi-location organisation & we know what it takes to have a smooth implementation.

Decide on architecture Type: Centralized / Decentralized/hybrid, we will set it up for your Multi-Location Organization. Sync Data on periodically or directly enter data into Central Tally Server.

Decentralized Setup

In decentralized architecture, Tally Data Synchronization capabilities ensure data exchange between Branches & Head office without much worries.

LogicaMatrix will not only do the initial setup for the Server & Client companies but also maintains it as part of post-implementation support to see the Integrity of the data is maintained in the most complex environment. We have also designed a system for Masters management avoiding its duplication & hence errors.

Security & Controls are of prime importance & completely taken care of when Tally is implemented at a remote location followed by maintenance of transaction log displaying its history of changes required for Auditing.

We also understand & design a transaction workflow with Verification & Authorisation processes as required. For example, a purchase order raised in the factory comes to Head office for verification & then moves back to Factory for sending it to the vendor.

Centralized Setup

An ideal setup but only in 100% connected environment through a leased line or MPLS or good broadband. It simplifies the data management but requires a powerful Server at the centre. LogiaMatrix recommends Tally Server 9 to be installed to maintain good performance of the system.

You can share data between two or more instances of Tally.ERP 9 using a client–server environment using Data Synchronisation. Data synchronisation can be initiated from the client to the server or vice versa, depending on your user-defined configurations.

The concept of ‘On Demand Synchronization’ – where systems actually align to a Tally.NET Synchronization Service, allowing each system to independently complete their work without needing to be ‘connected to each other live’.  It has immediate benefits of removing the ‘manual’ coordination between two end-points before data is exchanged – which is a current typical behaviour. It immediately increases the scale of ‘simultaneous uploads’ from ‘multiple points’ – as each system is now independently operating without clashing with another.

A robust mechanism to synchronize Master data, removing the need for convoluted approaches, giving both higher reliability, as well as allowing new forms of control architectures (example, allowing for a central system to ‘create and modify masters’, while the local systems are only allowed to enter transactions).

The concept of ensuring that a ‘delete’ action is appropriately propagated, so that both the source and destination remain consistent, without the need for manual intervention.

Security in Data Synchronisation

The process of synchronisation is secured between the Head Office (Server) and Branches (Client) as data is transmitted using an encrypted format. Algorithm (Modified DES) which are proprietary in nature is used and understood by Tally.ERP 9 only.

Data synchronisation in Tally.ERP 9 is not web based, it happens using HTTP Protocol between Synchronisation Server and Client. Data is exchanged using Encrypted XML over HTTP. During the process of Synchronization via Tally.NET Server, the data or information is not stored anywhere in Tally.NET Server. Hence, the process of synchronisation is completely secured.

In all our support, there is a process that we follow and insights we offer that help clients understand their company in a more meaningful way.

we provide Tally support throughout the year for business continuity. Support provided by our service engineers who are well-versed in Tally and know the product well.

Enhance your Tally.ERP 9 Product with new Invoice design, Voucher Formats, Adding new data fields, MIS Reports, Processes, Security and develop new functionalities.

We provide Tally support through Onsite or telephone, email support, chat support, Instant Remote Support (using remote desktop sharing Softwares like Team Vier,Any Desk,Zoom , Etc)

Decide on architecture Type: Centralized / Decentralized/hybrid, we will set it up for your Multi-Location Organization. Sync Data on periodically or directly enter data into Central Tally Server.

Tally's iterative implementation enables you to kick-start operations with just the basic structure and expands and fine-tune it along the way.Structural changes, process enhancements and more

We provide Corporate training programs ideally designed for various team members of the organization of various departments like Accounts, Purchase, Sales, Tax Departments, Etc..